It’s finally done!

The follow up to Endless Teen is a collection of ramshackle pop songs. The recordings are a little rough, even for this project, but the songs I think are strong and work well together.

You can download and stream at the site above.

All associated posts are archived here.

I guess this is a “personal blog”, but I don’t like to write about my life that much. However, this is a big thing in my life.

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Wilco – Hate it Here (322 plays)


Wilco - Hate it Here

But keeping things clean doesn’t change anything

The Magnetic Fields – I Don't Want To Get Over You (2,707 plays)


The Magnetic Fields - I Don’t Want To Get Over You

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Anonymous said: Favourite blogs?

A lot of the blogs that got me on Tumblr are inactive now. A lot of the blogs I followed before have either gone under or their editorial direction has changed in ways that I found rather boring. So, here’s my best guess. It might be more involved than necessary. 





pornhubcommentsonstockphotos and straightwhiteboystexting are very :_(


medievalpoc is a real big deal to me

pseudo-famous people:

johndarnielle is just a really interesting person. Also, his music is v. important to me. 

natashavc, who’s a really incisive journalist. 



Nathan Rabin’s My Year Of Flops (and continued here)

Nitsuh Abebe’s Why We Fight both this and the previous item were more like columns, but were really cool and important to me.

Molly Lambert’s This Recording-era work felt really blog like, but also very perceptive. (Her Grantland stuff is not worse, I just really like her personal essays.)




Phil Sandifer’s Tardis Eruditorium is really ambitious and inspiring critique of Doctor Who. It combines phenomenology, radical social criticism, a few different strains of literary theory, the occult and a bunch of other stuff.
He also has another incredibly weird and ambitious project that deals with Alan Moore. He’s just gotten to Moore’s really great and strange Swamp Thing run and that’s really exciting.
Obviously this is the biggest nerd alert ever.

Todd VanDerWerff’s TV writing really helped me develop the way I think about TV. His (and Sandifer’s) focus on the importance of structure has also, kind of strangely, helped me think about poetry and fiction in more nuanced terms than I used to.
He wrote for The A.V. Club for a long time and now writes for Vox. He’s still getting used to the more casual and compressed style of that site and I’m worried that his writing won’t be as in depth because he can’t write 12,000 words about a single TV episode anymore.

nbchannibal is really weird and funny. It often threatens to eat other NBC shows?


no-trivia is my favorite music contrarian. He ran Spin's hip-hop section for a long time and put together that great underground rap issue of theirs a few years ago. 

dalatu is really young and really good. I’ve reconsidered a lot of songs I initially passed over because of him. I kind of envy him.

P4k’s The Pitch usually has some pretty good stuff every week. the best feature is the mixdown, but since it started rotating reviews it’s been less consistently enjoyable. 

Note: I really love music, but I’m kind of burnt out with all the work required to find new things to like. I used to spend all day on music blogs. I don’t have the time anymore and I can’t keep up with the hype cycles and all the sub-sub-genres that keep popping up. I also have a strong aversion to the increasing use of “indie” music as a lifestyle signifier (UO, etc). It’s all so “trendy” or whatever. I don’t want to make any tastes or whatever. I’m just a cranky, dumb Franzen.  

Also, I just feel like there are, at this point in time, other media which are doing things that I’m more interested in right now.

fortunately no
also, the issue re: anon asks has been fixed

fortunately no

also, the issue re: anon asks has been fixed


It’s not like I have anything better to do.

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– Untitled New Song (6 plays)

here’s an older song that i’m not sure now what i’m going to do with, though i like the ending

it’s been going by the name “untitled new song” for 6, 7 months now