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White men can take nations but they can’t take a joke

This is a generalization.

case in point 

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So… Mary Watson. Who are you?


That’s the point, isn’t it?

The fact that Sherlock gets to act however we want because of the patriarchal legacy of the male anti-hero, but the female equivalent cannot?

The climax of the season isn’t Sherlock shooting a guy, it’s Sherlock going, “Mary’s just like me, dummy John, it took me forever to figure it out because privilege, but you can’t judge her more harshly than you judge me just because she’s a woman, you asshole.”

And, like, okay, isn’t the whole point of the Paternoster Gang (and especially in regards to the police dude in Deep Breath) that Sherlock would be way more awesome if he were Irene or Mary or River instead some lame bro?

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how are these two cast as fated love interests when i have never seen two unrelated people look more like twins in my life

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How Madewell Bought And Sold My Family's History

This was way more nuanced and interesting than the title sets it up to be.

here’s the last song from this summer’s album. it’s somewhere between an end of the night country song and a love song from a musical. i think the second verse is lyrically one of the best moments on the record.

also, it makes extensive use of the metallophone, if that makes you feel anything. 


New - Averkiou - Fuzzy Photograph

Here’s a lesson for you aspiring rock and rollers: Put together an album cover featuring a sleepy space-kitten, and you already have me wanting desperately to like your band. Put together a snappy 4 song EP to follow up your debut, featuring tidy, driven and fuzzy tunes, then you would have a roughly 95% chance of getting in my good graces. - MarkO

Spotify - Averkiou – The New Imperative EP


Washed up wall of sounds from @AverkiouTheBand #shoegaze #dreampop #indie

Averkiou – Present Tense (43 plays)


Averkiou “Present Tense”

Great new EP from Gainsville shoegazers, Averkiou. Their last record, Throwing Sparks, was one of my favorite albums of 2008. It’s nice to finally have some new music from these guys. Hopefully there’s a new full length on the way.